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I Am a Divine Soul

Believing in ourselves and a bright future leads to an abundant life, regardless of what we face.

We are divine beings with unique characteristics. We are precious simply because we exist.

Knowledge is a key that opens doors. We continually seek opportunities to learn, and then share, what we know with others.

I Have Individual Worth

Sources of Capital


I recognize my existing value then increase it. My capital is my unique characteristics and gifts, my power and my intrinsic value.

Choices are Power
Doing Good

Our choices have power. We thoughtfully make choices by considering all short- and long-term consequences and accept responsibility for our choices.

We help others for we are all connected. We are impeccable with our words and extend compassion to others. When we do good, we feel good.

Personal Excellence

We are true to our word and our principles. Our choices demonstrate that our words and actions are consistent and people can rely on us. We are authentic. Quality people notice this and want to be our friends, trust us at work and look to us as leaders.

We live with strength, courage and a willingness to grow as we encounter opportunities to become our best selves. Because this is the source of true power, we lead lives of moral excellence.

Each of us has infinite worth and our own purpose to fulfill. We are on a lifelong quest to discover all we have to offer.

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